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Weight Loss when you use Platinum Max,

Platinum or Diamond Diet Products

For Men and Women!

                                        The More You Buy - The Less You Pay!

The Platinum has been on the market since February 2014, the Diamond since January 2015 and the Platinum Max joining the team in 2016.

We have scores of reviews and before and after pictures representing the success stories associated with each product. 

This is because 8 out of 10 persons have been losing an average 15 pounds by the end of their first bottle. 

The highest loss recorded weight loss was 30 pounds within just three weeks and 15 pounds 

within one week! And although new to the market, the Diamond already has a record loss of 7 pounds in just 3 days!

Take advantage of our 'Buy more, Save more' policy today!  Here's an example, the Platinum retails for $46.80 USD a bottle and the Diamond and Platinum Max both retail for $52.00 USD each but as a reseller, you are eligible to buy them for the low, low price of only $10 a bottle when you order 100 or more! That's a potential savings of up to $4,200 USD!!

But Don't worry - you won't need to buy 100 bottles to experience our discounts because they start at purchases of just 2 or more!

Please check out the list below for more saving options.

Diamond or Platinum Max

Save $9 USD when you buy 2 or more @ $42 USD each

Save $10 USD when you buy 2 or more @ $46 USD each

Save $26 USD when you buy 3 or more @ $37 USD each

Save $29 USD when you buy 3 or more @ $42 USD each

Save $63 USD when you buy 5 or more @ $34.USD each

Save $70 USD when you buy 5 or more @ $37 USD each

Save $24 USD when you buy 15 or more @ $30 USD each

Save $268 USD when you buy 15 or more @ $34 USD each

Save $479 USD when you buy 25 or more @ $27 USD each

Save $532 USD when you buy 25 or more @ $30 USD each

Save $1,096 USD when you buy 50 or more @ $24 USD each

Save $1,218 USD when you buy 50 or more @ $27 USD each

Save $1,830 USD when you buy 75 or more @ $22 USD each

Save $2,034 USD when you buy 75 or more @ $24 USD each

Save $3,680 USD when you buy 100 or more @ $10 USD eachSave $4,.200 USD when you buy 100 or more @ $10.00 USD each

Click the 'Buy Now' button below to make your SSL SECURE Credit and Debit Card (Visa and Master Card only) or you can pay 

via PayPal now!


We accept Moneygram Payments too!  For this option, choose the 'Print and Call' option at checkout. 

This will allow you to place your order, print the receipt and then simply call or email us for Money Gram

or Wire Payment options!  We also have a Bank of America account that you deposit or transfer your payments to. 

We accept payments in USD and BSD currency only.

Either way, please be sure to check our shipping destinations page to make sure your country is on the list of places we ship to.



 How to become an Authorized Re-seller.

We welcome the opportunity for both local and international Re-sellers of our products.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of this growing phenomenon,  then please contact us at the information provided below.

For Family Islands, we can ship packages via the various Mailboat freight services or at an additional cost for air freight. 

Payment options include credit or debit card, PayPal, Cash or Island luck, Royal bank (Acct name: Platinum Weight Loss Solutions - main branch), and Scotia bank deposit

(please contact us for other specific account #s).   

 Local Re-seller stores will make anywhere between 25 - 30% profit on every individual sale!  Payments will be required before the next order    or by the end of every month.

We accept both Cash or Check payments.  Please make out any checks to Platinum Weight Loss Solutions Co. Ltd.  

Our Current list of  Re-seller Locations 

#184 St. Vincent Road - Main location (we accept credit/debit Visa and Master cards) - These & more products available 
Leam Fong Food Store - Market Street and Oxford Avenue - These & more products available 
The Beauty Empire - Nassau Village opposite Budget Food Store - Platinum Max, Platinum & Diamond
QVS Pharmacy - Village road plaza and Seagrape plaza on Prince Charles - Platinum Max, Platinum & Diamond
Cole Thompson Pharmacy - Bay and Charlotte Street - Platinum Max
Universal Hair and Beauty  Supplies - both Carmichael Road locations and East Street - Platinum Max, Platinum & Diamond
DA Medicine Place - Coral Harbour Shopping Center - Platinum Max, Platinum & Diamond

Curry's Pharmacy - Madiera Plaza - Platinum Max, Diamond & Platinum

Smitty's Pharmacy - Georgetown, Exuma - Platinum Max
​Midway Mini Mart - The Bight, Long Island - Platinum & Diamond


Do you have more Questions or Comments? 

Please use the 'Contact Us' link below or email us at  info@platinumweightlosssolutions.com 

You can also call or WhatsAPP us at 1-242-422-DIET (3438) Mobile/ or 1-242-676-5121 (landline)